With RakortCall, which is fully integrated with Cisco Call Manager, you can perform your operations on Cisco Call Manager in seconds.

  • Quickly adding, removing, editing and deleting phones
  • Quickly determine Partition, CSS, Call Pickup, BLF
  • Easy management with region-based user authorization
  • Easy management with devicepool based user authorization


Features of RakortCall

Advanced Panel Management

Using the advanced panel management with Rakortcall, you can authorize devicepool based and leave the management of the phones in other regions to the relevant regions.

You can follow all the operations done on the panel and reduce your workload.

Phone Transactions

With Rakortcall, you can quickly add, edit and delete phones using the advanced phone system. You can also restart the phone and transfer calls to another phone.

In order to see the details of the phones in the system, you need to enter more than one menu on Cisco Call Manager.
With Rakortcall, you can quickly see all the features of a phone on a single page.

In addition, you can see the network information about the phone (which switch is connected to which port, etc.), which is not visible on Cisco Call Manager, via Rakortcall.

Advanced Permission System

With Rakortcall, advanced permission system, you can define access authorization to the area you want to the administrators on the panel, or you can restrict access to areas you do not want access to. This gives you full control of the system.

Announcement Module

With Rakortcall, you can send announcements to all phones at the same time by using the announcement module. You can prepare an announcement that appears on the screens of all phones for the daily menu, general announcement, special greeting and public holidays.

Speed Dial & BLF Transactions

With Rakortcall's speed dial system, you can configure the speed dial keys on the phone very easily. You can quickly edit speed dial sequences, add and delete new speed dial keys by drag-and-drop.

Call Groups

With Rakortcall you can control your call groups on Cisco Call Manager.
With Rakortcall's easy management, you can quickly add, edit and delete your call groups.

Call Records

You can control all calls on Call Manager with Rakortcall's logging system. You can access many logs such as answered & missed calls, call durations, call logs, etc.

You can also view the entire call history of a phone.

Panel Records

You can see all the transactions made on the panel with Rakortcall.

Every transaction made by the panel administrators is recorded and can be followed on the Rakortcall panel.


Some images from Rakortcall panel

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